Widespread eviction of low-income tenants is changing the face of San Francisco at an alarming pace.

The 2017 EDC Eviction Report confirms that eviction activity in San Francisco has reached emergency levels, especially for our neighbors with disabling health conditions, who made up over 51% of our client base in 2017.

The dedicated staff of EDC served 4,876 vulnerable tenants facing eviction in 2016. Over 90% of all San Francisco tenants who respond to eviction lawsuits do so through our office. Thanks to supporters like you, EDC and our partners have been fighting evictions and keeping San Franciscans housed for 22 years. EDC has defended almost 50,000 tenancies during that time.

As the current crisis grows across the community, we at EDC find ourselves fighting harder for more and more clients every day – and we need your help to do it. Help us DO SOMETHING about displacement – make a donation today at or return the enclosed envelope with your contribution

Won’t you help us make San Francisco a true City of Sanctuary?