Our Team

Our Board

Josephine (Jo) Alioto, Board President

Greg Wright, Secretary

Priscilla Lopez, Treasurer

Dina Sigal, Board Member

John Weber, Board Member

Lila Carrillo Rodriguez, Board Member

Peter Kohli, Board Member

TJ Kapoor, Board Member

Emeritus Board Members

Jason Wolford, former Board President (2019-2021)
Jason Wolford is the co-founder of Wolford-Wayne Law.

Shirley Gibson, former Board Secretary 
Shirley Gibson served on EDC’s board from 2011 to 2020, and was the Directing Attorney for the HomeSavers Project at the Legal Aid Society of San Mateo County/Sobrato Center for Nonprofits from 2011 until she passed away in November 2021. Her kindness, energy, dedication to the people and causes she cared about, and her contributions to tenants’ rights work in the Bay Area, will not be forgotten.

EDC Staff


Daniel Casanova, Executive Director

Angenette “Angie” Aukee, Interim Co-Executive Director


Krista Alderson, Director of Development

Debbi Handler, Grants Manager

Frances Rios, Data Assistant


Yevgeniy Kislyuk, Controller

Raymundo Fortaleza, Senior Accountant

Phoebe Hua, Finance Associate

Abdullah Sulaiman, Finance Associate

Robert Petitpas, RADCo Funds Processor

Eduardo Duran, RADCo Funds Processor

Justin Singh, Payroll Specialist & HR Assistant


Andrew Vasquez, HR Manager

Brandon Williams, TRC Pipeline Specialist

Kimberly Schiefer, Human Resources Generalist


Helena Saito, Payroll Specialist & HR Assistant

Jason Villaluz, IT & Tech Support Analyst


Alexis Figueroa, Operations Office Manager

Shelter Client Advocacy Program

Benjamin Baczkowski, Interim SCA Program Director

Ramsey Dunlap, Sr. Shelter Client Advocate

Ubaldo Espinoza, Shelter Client Advocate

Anisha Tammana, Shelter Client Advocate

Legal Clinic/Right to Counsel Department

Morgan Wakefield, Clinic Supervisor

Diego Zamora-Salazar, Right To Counsel Coordinator

Ellie Kominiarek, Jesuit Volunteer Corps Right to Counsel Coordinator

Emmy Boe, Right To Counsel Coordinator

Kelechi Ajawara, Right To Counsel Coordinator

Latashia McFarland, Right To Counsel Coordinator

Megan Duong, Right To Counsel Coordinator

Miguel Lopez, Right To Counsel Coordinator

Nami Murthy, Right To Counsel Coordinator

Ricky Rivera, Right To Counsel Coordinator

Timothy Coltman, Right To Counsel Coordinator

Arianas Campos-Reese, Triage Specialist

Johnny Crespin, Triage Specialist

Anja Peterson, Triage Specialist

Jules Retzlaff, Temp Triage Specialist

Litigation Department

Ora S. Prochovnick, Director of Litigation and Policy

Mark Montoya, TRC Data Integrity Specialist

Nicole Tobor, Litigation Program Assistant

Scott Weaver, Supervising Litigation Attorney

Adrienne Mendle, Interim Supervising Attorney

Sarah Hinks, Supervising Litigation Attorney

Jason Hain, Senior Litigation Attorney

Daniel O’Connell, Senior Litigation Attorney

Jacque Patton, Senior Litigation Attorney

Gina Pham, Senior Litigation Attorney

Adriana Barajas, Litigation Staff Attorney

Claire Lavaute, Litigation Staff Attorney

Ezra Lintner, Litigation Staff Attorney

Jack Marschke, Litigation Staff Attorney

Wynne Nielsen, Litigation Staff Attorney

Jessica Santillo, Litigation Staff Attorney

Rhiana Everest, Law Fellow

Sophia Fulan, Law Fellow

Maddie Scher, Law Fellow

Tuesday Thornton, Law Fellow

Ben Holston, Paralegal Supervisor

Eric Weston, Litigation Paralegal

Jenna Harris, Senior Litigation Paralegal

Isra Sebiaa, Senior Litigation Paralegal

Jaimie Diaz Barreno, Litigation Paralegal

Iara Ried, Litigation Paralegal

Yangmingyue Li, Temp Bilingual Paralegal

Zahra Abbas, Litigation Paralegal

Karen Wolff, Supervising Social Worker

Masami Endo, Senior Caseworker

Lux Crumpler, Litigation Caseworker

Norduice Huley, Litigation Caseworker

RADCo: Rental Assistance Program

Laura Hernandez, RADCo Program Director

Amy Price, RADCo Program Director

Min Ting Yu, RADCo Manager

Joaquin Zamudio Garcia, Supervising Coordinator

Lucy Deanda Mendez, RADCo Supervising Coordinator

Alexandria Corbitt, RADCo Program Assistant

Anthony Ordonez, RADCo Intake Specialist

Cecilia Chavarria, RADCo Intake Specialist

Klarissa Ramirez, RADCo Intake Specialist

Tony Lezama, RADCo Intake Specialist

Cheyenne Oberes, RADCo Coordinator

Entsar Mohamed, Temp RADCo Coordinator

Dylan Morse, Temp RADCo Coordinator

Glendy Castanon, RADCo Coordinator

Jazma Jefferson, Temp RADCo Coordinator

James Mallman, Temp RADCo Coordinator

Jennifer Palacios, Temp RADCo Coordinator

Josefina Ruggeiro, Temp RADCo Coordinator

Maira Flores, RADCo Coordinator

Priscilla Zuniga, Temp RADCo Coordinator

Shephali Ides, RADCo Coordinator

Zhenlun “Alan” Cai, RADCo Coordinator

RADCO: Subsidy Program

Virginia Chapman, DAS Housing Subsidy Supervisor

Joyce Manto, DAS Housing Subsidy Coordinator

Moriah Mitchell, DAS Housing Subsidy Coordinator

Ray Zamudio, DAS Housing Subsidy Coordinator

Oriana Saportas, AD Subsidy Program Supervisor

Carolina Flores, AD Subsidy Coordinator

Chrissy Bar, AD Subsidy Coordinator

Natalia Pinto, Temp AD Housing Subsidy Coordinator

Wei Jie Feng, AD Subsidy Coordinators

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