Volunteer at EDC

Volunteers are the backbone of the EDC. We could not help the high number of tenants we assist each week, or produce the superb quality of work we produce, without their contribution. Our Staff, Board, and especially our clients are grateful for the work they do. In return, our volunteers enhance their own skills for working with vulnerable populations, learn about the complexities of landlord-tenant law and civil procedure, and gain important insight that often helps them decide on a career path.

Many of the people who come to the EDC to volunteer are law students interested in public interest law, however, people from all walks of life have volunteered at the EDC since previous legal experience is not required. We welcome volunteers who are serious about helping tenants facing eviction and are willing to learn about landlord-tenant law.


Under the supervision of a staff attorney, our legal volunteers and interns interview and counsel tenants facing eviction and assist in the preparation of necessary paperwork. We also have volunteer positions within our Rental Assistance component (RADCo). These volunteers work under the direct supervision of our Rental Assistance Coordinators. RADCo volunteers interview tenants needing rental assistance and assist the program coordinators with various administrative tasks. Also, the EDC fundraising staff are eager to train a grantwriter in exchange for some assistance in the development department.

Volunteers are the backbone of the Eviction Defense Collaborative.


Volunteers interested in nonprofit development, fundraising, event planning, administrative or IT work are also welcome.

Bilingual volunteers (especially Spanish and Chinese) and volunteers who have experience working with diverse populations are especially needed.

If interested, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@evictiondefense.org

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