In the wake of the recent political climate shift within our country, the EDC remains committed to preventing homelessness, preserving affordable housing, and protecting the diversity of San Francisco. The EDC is here to serve ALL San Francisco residents facing eviction, many in need of rental assistance and others wanting to maintain the right to be sheltered.  We help keep San Franciscans housed.


The federal government does not directly fund EDC services. The EDC does not track immigration status for reports, and we have no grants that require the EDC to track immigration status. The EDC is determined to fight for the right to remain an agency that helps anyone who comes through our doors.


We are dedicated to serving all of San Francisco’s residential tenants regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, economic status, or citizenship status, and we will continue to work tirelessly to serve San Franciscans through our programs of eviction defense, rental assistance, and shelter resident advocacy.


We will also work with the City of San Francisco to maintain its status as a Sanctuary City because we are all San Franciscans.


Thank you for your support.