Shelter Client Advocacy

The Shelter Client Advocates work with residents of homeless shelters funded by the City and County of San Francisco. We are charged with monitoring shelter conditions and the application of shelter rules, acting as informal conflict resolvers between the shelters and their clients, and assisting clients in appealing denials of service. San Francisco may be unique in the country in that there is a formal grievance process for those who have been denied services from City funded shelters. The first step is an internal shelter hearing, conducted by shelter management. If a client disagrees with the outcome of the internal hearing, she/he may appeal to an arbitration. Arbitrators are neutral parties who are practicing attorneys and act as arbitrators on a voluntary basis. Their decision is final, however, clients do not waive any of their legal rights by participating in the process. A recent analysis of our work indicates that following the process to its conclusion has a positive outcome for clients (either the denial of service is overturned, or the penalty length is modified) almost 70% of the time.

Were you issued a Denial of Service (DOS) from a San Francisco Shelter? Are you a shelter client and concerned about your rights?

Contact the Shelter Client Advocates to request an appointment by calling: (415) 669-0284 or send us an email. Our office is located at 972 Mission St, in the Eviction Defense Collaborative; call first to make an appointment to ensure an advocate will be able to meet with you.

Please read EDC’s official response below to the recent push by the Mayor to remove publicly available portable bathrooms in the City. The original SF Chronicle article for context is here:

EDC Statement on Facilities Removal
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