Sunshine Notice 2020 11.16.20

Link to Zoom meeting is here

EDC is accepting Board Member applications!

Make a difference in your community – volunteer your time! Eviction Defense Collaborative is accepting applications for board member positions. This is an unpaid, volunteer position. Click here for more information.

Best. Year. Ever.

Dear Friend, Amazing! As I reflect on this year, I am encouraged by the great successes of the Housing Rights Movement this year. Thanks to San Francisco’s community organizers and voters, San Francisco tenants now have the right to an attorney in an eviction matter (Prop F), and the City will begin collecting taxes in…

Voters Passed Prop F: SF Tenants Right to Legal Counsel!!

_EDC Announces the passing of Prop F_06-06-2018 PRESS RELEASE

Challenging Prop Q

  The EDC and partnering agencies are submitting a letter challenging Proposition Q to the SFPD to request that Proposition Q not be enacted based on the US Department of Justice determination that such laws are unconstitutional and in violation of the Eighth Amendment. We are requesting that you or your agency support our efforts…

In Solidarity

  In the wake of the recent political climate shift within our country, the EDC remains committed to preventing homelessness, preserving affordable housing, and protecting the diversity of San Francisco. The EDC is here to serve ALL San Francisco residents facing eviction, many in need of rental assistance and others wanting to maintain the right…

Back-to-School Victory for EDC’s Full-Scope Eviction Defense Program!

EDC client, Hugo Maldonaldo,* a first grade teacher in the San Francisco public school system, had been targeted for eviction by his landlady, who brought four eviction cases against him in the last ten months. EDC attorney Barbara Lam represented Hugo and filed a summary judgment motion on his behalf. Today, the first day of…

EDC Wins Another Trial, Fights Tenant Displacement

SAN FRANCISCO – The Eviction Defense Collaborative (“EDC”) – San Francisco’s primary eviction defense legal services agency – prevailed in its third jury trial victory since July 2013 when the verdict was announced on May 14. The win preserves the long-term home of a Spanish-speaking family that has lived in the Mission District for the…

EDC Fills Major Gap in Legal Services

The EDC is thrilled to announce its new Trial Project. This vital service, which began December 2012, will fill a significant deficiency in San Francisco’s eviction defense model, meeting the needs of tenants at this most vulnerable stage in the eviction process. Previously, tenants who did not settle their cases at the court mandated settlement…

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